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Unused spare part.

Motorcycle battery CODE YTX12-BS AGM, FREE MAINTENANCE (With acid).

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Motorcycle battery CODE YTX12-BS AGM, FREE MAINTENANCE (With acid).

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49,61 € tax incl.

   Garantía de 1 año One year guarantee

   Recambio revisado en taller Cheked spare part

Data sheet

Part TypeElectronics
Motorcycle engineOther Cubic Capacities
Motorcycle yearSeveral years

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Motorcycle battery of the CODE brand with reference YTX12-BS of the AGM MAINTENANCE FREE range (with acid in the pack).

With AGM (absorbent fiberglass) technology, it absorbs battery acid, which allows more efficient use of the cell volume without the need for the electrolyte reserves needed by conventional liquid electrolyte batteries. The absorbent fiberglass separator offers a number of key advantages over the lead-acid battery design:

  • In normal use, the individual cell valve and the separation of the fiberglass plate ensures that gas recombination takes place providing no water losses, thus avoiding the need for electrolyte reserves, thus avoiding tasks of maintenance.

  • The one-way ventilation system provides partial pressure in each cell thus ensuring total tightness and safe handling.

  • The battery packs can operate at higher pressures due to the absorption of fiberglass acid, so it extends the resistance of the battery cycles by reducing the elimination of the paste and increasing the resistance to vibration.

  • Greater reaction surface guaranteeing a greater starting capacity with the same size as conventional liquid electrolyte batteries.

  • Greater efficiency of active mass due to better acid absorption. Longer service life by releasing less active material due to battery design.

  • Higher cold start values.

  • No maintenance is necessary, there is no water consumption. Many of the high-end vehicles and vehicles with “Stop-Start” system require the high performance of AGM batteries.