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Motorcyclists for more than 30 years

Our motorcycle Scrapping is located in Alzira (Valencia, Spain), where we manage every shipment, and where we have located our customer service center and the scrapping workshop. From here, we send our spare parts throughout Spain and pretty much Worldwide right now, but if you prefere so, you can pick up your order in any of our shops.

We are part of the group Moto Recambios VFerrer S.L., which was born in 1980 and founded by Vicente Ferrer (a professional motorcycle ex-pilot).

We've been in the two-wheels sector more than 30 years, in everything related to replacements, spare parts, workshop and selling of mopeds and motorcycles. Our first steps in the motorcycle sector started with the representation of the Metra-Kit make, and shortly after we became a specialized shop for replacements and accessories from all kind of makes, disposing of our own distribution network, with our own transport for the Valencian Community and the Tarragona, Albacete and Murcia provinces, with more than 500 associated workshops.

Nowadays, we belong to a business group which certifies the quality of our products with the Moto Grupo Europa (MGE) guarantee, and we are too one of Yamaha's official dealers.

In 2013, we decided to expand our services on the two-wheels world with a motorcycle scrapping in our shops located in Valencia and Alzira, completing our services with our website. In our scrapping, we acquire motorcycles for its dismantling and the selling of its parts, but we also have a new and unused replacement line to fill out the total amount of spare parts needed for the motorcycle makes we have in stock. To this effect, we dispose of a 600 m2 premise with specialized staff in the motorcycle spare and replacement world, since the whole amount of our salesmen have spent a working period in our original replacements section, which we consider essential in order to know compatibilities between different year models or production series. Another aspect we'd like to highlight is that our motorcycles are scrapped in a motorcycle workshop by motorcycle mechanics, so they know very well how to dismantle every part and how to check if it can be reused.

We are very serious about having working spare parts, either if they are used or second-hand parts. That's why we offer a one-year guarantee in every piece and we have a quick and safe return service, in case that, if the part doesn't work properly or it's not the right one, you'll have a solution as fast as possible.

In addition, we offer you the 'Part location' service, meaning that, in case you can't find the part you are looking for in our website or you have any doubts about its compatibility with your motorcycle, our mechanics can advise you about it and, if we don't have the part you are looking for, we'll search it through our workshop network or we'll offer you a compatible universal part.

If you still have any doubts about buying in our website, we recommend you to check our customer's opinions, which we always take in notice, since they are what helps us to improve constantly.

Welcome to Motorcycle Scrapping VFerrer!

Motorcycle Scrapping Facilities in Valencia

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