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Genuine Used HONDA parts - Recycled second hand parts

Buy the used Honda spare parts for your motorcycle with full guarantee and revised in our workshop, we have a wide catalog of used spare parts and second hand parts at your disposal. All spare parts for Honda motorcycles that we have on our website are original, from the dismantling of the co...

Used HONDA Motorcycle Parts - Genuine Recycled Parts

Buy second hand spare parts Honda for the following motorcycle or scooter models:

CB 250: we have about 150 pieces coming from a CB 250N 1992 and a CB 250N TWO FIFTY from 1998, including two stators, a regulator and the cylinders and pistons.

CB 500 Sport: from the dismantling of this 1998 motorcycle, we have obtained more than 50 pieces, emphasizing the electronic components and the engine with 60.356 km. On the website for this motorcycle you will find a video showing the motorcycle’s condition before it was dismantled.

CB 600 F/HORNET: we have the engine from one of these motorcycles from the year 2001.

CBF 125: for this small sport motorcycle we have more than 100 spare parts coming from two scrapped motorcycles from 2009 and 2012, with only 23,612 km and 9,679 km respectively. We have shock absorbers, seats, various cables, axles and fairing parts among other. You can see a video of the state of the 2012 motorcycle before its dismantling in the corresponding website.

CBF 250: for this naked Honda we have more than 100 second hand parts coming from the 2004 and 2005 models in black and gray. The tires, the shock absorbers, the carburetor, the fuel tank and the seat are some of the highlights of this model.

CBR 125R: we currently have more than 200 spare parts from the scrapping of several motorcycles from 2005 to 2011 in black and red. We have a large number of covers, seats, CDI and other components of the engine as well as electronics, steering and admission.

CBR 600 F: from the 1990 models to the 2003 model, we have the cutting of several motorcycles in different colors, in addition to a 1995 CBR 600 F still not disassembled. If you require any of the parts from this motorcycle, do not hesitate to contact us.

CBR 600 RR: we have pieces from the scrapping of a 2005 motorcycle, in addition to several new pieces on sale for the models from 2003 to 2005.

CBR 900 RR/FIREBLADE: from the scrapping of a 2002 yellow motorcycle and another from 2004, we have more than 100 spare parts for these models, among which you’ll find the competition power unit, the braking system components and the crankshaft.

CBR 1000 RR/FIREBLADE: we have about 150 pieces from a CBR 1000 RR from 2004 and more than 50 spare parts from a Repsol replica of the CBR 1000 RR Fireblade, which came to our scrapping because of a frontal hit, but which has a large number of pieces in perfect condition.

DYLAN 125: there are almost 300 pieces from motorcycles from 2005 to 2008 in matt black, garnet red and silver gray with carburetion engine. We have a large number of seats, forks, cables, and spare parts for the braking and electronic system among others.

FES 150 PANTHEON: we have several covers, pilots and footbridges in good condition from the cutting of one of these bikes.

FES 250 FORESIGHT/FORESIGHT 250: We have a motorcycle from 2000 with 42,934 km from which we obtained more than 80 pieces in good condition, such as mats, trestles, or CDI.

FORZA 250: we have in the scrapping pieces from two motorcycles from 2007 and 2008 with more than 200 spare parts in good condition, such as forks, motor carters, top cases or indicators.

NSR 125 and NSR 125 F: spare parts for a 1990 NSR 125 F in black with gold chassis and for a 1995 NSR 125 in white with black and orange details. Between the two of them, there are more than 160 spare parts for your motorcycle.

NT 650 V DEAUVILLE: from the cutting of a 2000 model, we have about 80 spare parts including the complete engine.

LEAD 100 y LEAD 110: for the model of 100 cc we have pieces coming from a 2004 motorcycle and one of 2006 in black, among which we emphasize the engine from the 2006 one, with 56.603 km. From the 110 cc scooter we have parts from 2008 to 2010 coming from motorcycles with injection engine and in pearl white and gloss black.

PAN EUROPEAN 1100: from the cutting of a 1990 motorcycle with only 12,719 km there are more than 84 pieces in good condition and which include an engine for cutting.

PCX 125: we have the dismantling of two of these scooters, one from 2011 and another from 2013, both in white. The oldest one came with defects in the fairing and a failed engine, but with many spare parts in good condition. The most recent one has the front part damaged, but keeps the rest of pieces in good condition.

REBEL 250: we have a good variety of parts from a 2000 motorcycle including different covers, drivers, axles and brackets.

SFX 50: we have one of these 2000 mopeds still to be scrapped in our workshop. If you need any of the pieces, do not hesitate to contact us.

SH 150: from a 2002 scooter, we have a lot of second hand spare parts, plus a good amount of new spare parts on sale compatible with several years.

S-WING 125: we have more than 200 spare parts from 2007, 2008 and 2011 models for this well-known Honda scooter that arrived because of minor faults, so most of the parts are in very good condition.

SILVER WING 400: The model we have scrapped is from the year 2012 in black gloss, and has entered the scrapping because of a frontal hit, but with a running engine and with 32,934 km. Apart from the engine, we have more than 100 available spare parts from this motorcycle.

SILVER WING 600: The 2007 motorcycle that we have has about 90 spare parts in good condition among which stand out the gas tank, the components of the braking system and the radiator.

SPAZIO 250: among the pieces obtained from the scrapping of this 1990 scooter you will find the starter, tires or the headlight.

TRANSALP 700: more than 100 pieces from one of these 2007 motorcycles, injection and in yellow and black, with defects on the right side, among which there is the engine with 35.952 km.

QUAD TRX: we have some new parts on sale for several models of Honda quads, specifically clutch discs, counterweights and handlebars.

VARADERO 1000: also known as XL 1000 V Varadero, we have a motorcycle from 2002 and another from 2005 scrapped with more than 150 pieces, in addition to some new spare parts. You can watch a video of the older model before its dismantling.

VFR 750: we have a number of second - hand parts including a cutting engine due to the failure of a cylinder, in addition to a 1989 model still to be disassembled.

VFR 800 FI: we have more than 80 pieces from the scrapping of a 1998 motorcycle, with the engine working and 70,051 km.

VISION ST 50: from one of these 2001 mopeds we have more than 20 spare parts available, among which there are several covers, the handlebar, the speedometer and the stator.

VT 125 SHADOW: we have a 1999 model to be scrapped, as well as some second hand parts. If you need any parts, please contact us.

VTR 1000: we have more than 50 pieces coming from a model of 1998 in yellow and some new parts on sale, compatible with several years.

YUPI NH 90: from year 1992 we have one of these scooters pending cutting, so you can contact us if you need any spare parts for this bike.

HONDA OPPORTUNITIESIn this category you will find new spare parts for a wide variety of Honda motorcycles and mopeds, including stickers, trunks, pumps, etc.

Other mopeds, scooters and motorcycles: we also have used spare parts for other models, such as the CB 1100, CBF 600 S, CBR 1100 XX, CR 125 2T, CRF 250 X, CRF 450 R, CRM 125, TRANSALP 600, VT 600 SHADOW, VT 750 / SHADOW, XBR 500, XR 125.

The last Honda motorcycle to come to our scrapping is an Honda CBR 125R in black from 2011. It has some flaws on its fairing and front, but the engine and every other part is in good shape. According to its technical details, it shares parts with the 2011-2016 CBR.

If you can't find your Honda dismantling parts please contact our commercial department, since we have a lot of Honda motorcycles that haven't been dismantled yet. Please consider that there are a lot of compatible parts among different models or fabrication/registration years, and we may not have specified the compatibilities in the part details.

We can also get alternative parts for Honda motorcycles, completely compatible with the originals and at a good price, especially in mirrors, flashing lights, electric components... If you send us your chassis number, we can search them and tell you without any commitment.