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Genuine Used KAWASAKI parts - Recycled second hand parts

Buy the used Kawasaki spare parts that your motorcycle needs with guarantee and totally revised in our workshop by our technicians. The second hand Kawasaki recycled parts available in our store with good prices come from the dismantling of motorcycles, all of them original from the model ...

Used KAWASAKI Motorcycle Parts - Genuine Recycled Parts

Kawasaki spare part sale s for these motorcycle or scooter models:

ER 6F: from the cutting of a black motorcycle from 2011 that went into the scrapping with 58.653 km and a working engine we got more than 100 parts in very good condition, among which there are the covers, a seat, various cables, the switchboard and the windscreen.

GPX 600R: we have one of these 1989 bikes in our scrap yard ready to cut. If you need any of the parts, do not hesitate to let us know.

GPX 750 R: we have one of these motorcycles in red and from the year 1988 pending of scrapping.

KLE 500: in blue and from 2007, we have dismantled one of these Kawasaki motorcycles that came with 46,951 km and from which more than 80 parts were taken in good condition, such as the brake pumps, several cables, the CDI or a license plate holder. There is a video that shows the state of the motorcycle before its cutting.

VULCAN EN 500: from a motorcycle with 37,431 km we have obtained more than 50 used spare parts in good condition, such as the air filter box, the seat closure or the tires.

Z 1000: orange and white, with an injection engine and 22,748 km, the motorcycle from 2010 that we have exploded came because a blow on the forks but with the engine running. We have over 100 spare parts including the engine in perfect condition.

Z 750: we have more than 100 pieces coming from a white motorcycle from 2010 with only 20,600 km, among which you will find the fuel pump, the CDI and several cables. You can see in the video the state of the motorcycle before it was exploded.

ZX6R: Parts from the 2007 model that include the air filter box, the indicators and various sensors.

ZX6R NINJA: we have several loose parts from the scrapping of this model, in addition to new spare parts compatible with several years.

ZX 750R: from the cutting of a 1992 motorcycle in blue and white, we have available about 40 pieces including the swing arm, the battery box or rear view mirrors.

ZX 10R: with 7,300km and in black, we have parts from a 2006 motorcycle, including the seat, the injection battery or the exhaust mufflers.

ZX 9R: between new parts in liquidation and those coming from a 1997 model with 52,057 km, we have more than 50 spare parts. The back cushion or the seat are both examples of what you will find for this bike.

ZZR 600: the CDI or the fuel tank are some examples of the parts extracted from a 1991 ZZR 600. Apart from these parts, you will also find parts of the braking system, lights and pilots or electronic components.

ZZR 1100: Although the bike had 63,077 km, we have 88 spare parts in good condition among which you will find the rear handle, the high windings, the air intake or the chain guard. In addition, we also have some brand new spare parts on sale.

KAWASAKI OPPORTUNITIES: If you are looking for new spare parts at clearance price, you will find a wide variety of parts for the models EJ, EN, ER, EX, GPX, GP, JL, KL, KL, KLR, KLX, KR, KSF, KX , NINJA 750R, KVF, KFX, KEF, TENGAI, VN, Z, ZL, ZR, ZX, ZXR, ZZR, ZZR and many others. These spare parts are compatible for several years.