BMW C600 SPORT 2013 used spares


This week we received in our workshop, a BMW C600 Sport 2013, in black color, the motorcycle comes from a frontal accident and some side covers and rear a little touched.

We have not yet proceeded to cutting, and that comes from a crash, we have not proven 100% all parts aesthetically but the front is touched and some back covers.

On the other hand the engine is a priori in perfect condition, this will check soon and other mechanical components.

At first glance of the bike, gear either front or rear it seems to be in perfect condition for use as seen in the state in which the brake system, electrical accessories, engine components and transmission system is.

Soon we will perform complete cutting of this bike and to check one by one all its parts, however if you are interested in any of them you can get in touch with us and we will dismantle and verified without any commitment.

Despiece BMW C600 Sport 2013 vista frontal

Despiece BMW C600 Sport 2013 vista lateral derecha

Despiece BMW C600 Sport 2013 vista lateral izquierda

Despiece BMW C600 Sport 2013 vista trasera