BMW F 800 R 2010 used spares

We have received this week several new motorcycles in our garage, among them a BMW F 800 R from 2010 and with 102.878 km. This motorcycle is black and white, and it's in good shape. It doesn't came because of an accident, but because of some electronical failures that we still need to check.

As you can see in the instrument panel picture, the ignition, the dutch indicatos and the electronical checking are working. As for the engine, it works perfectly and it has been checked and veryfied by our mechanics.

The motorcycle has some scratches on the rear covers, but the other ones are in good state, as far as the front and rear lights.

Soon you'll find its whole scrapping in our website, but if you need any part, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to:


Frondal de una moto BMW F800R 2010

Lateral derecho de una moto BMW F800R 2010

Lateral izquierdo de una moto BMW F800R 2010

Marcador de la BMW F800R 2010