This maxi scooter in white has affected the front at the height of the headlight due to an accident but from the central area to the rear is in good condition.

Due to the frontal impact we need to check the condition of the fork and front rim bars, the engine has already been sold, the tank and the seat are in good condition, with respect to the electrical system and starter also works perfectly like the original exhaust one that it mounts..

Except for the headlight and front turn signals the rest (rear) work perfectly. Coming soon we have ready the full dismantling of this motorcycle.

Front appearance of the Honda S-Forza 250 before its scrapping
The front of this Honda Forza is damaged, the rest of the motorcycle is in good condition

Right side of the Honda S-Forza 250 pending its cutting
Right side of the Forza, with hardly any damage

If you need second-hand parts for your Honda Forza and you can not wait until we have prepared your scrapping online, you can contact us by filling in the contact form and we will inform you about the part you are looking for.

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