PIAGGIO X9 125 2004 used spares

Motorcycle Scrapping Process

Today we entered our workshop, a Piaggio X9 125 cc 2004, in blue color, this motorcycle had 17.453km as seen in the photo box watches, also check the ignition, tachometer indicator, marker speed, temperature and electronic check works perfectly.

Regarding the engine starts perfectly and is checked and verified by our mechanics.

The motorcycle comes from a customer who has decided to shoot it down for renovations, so to not come from a sinister retains many of its parts in perfect condition.

The covers of the motorcycle are in good condition and the rest of material and motorcycle mechanics in general, both headlights, tires pilots.

We have not yet proceeded to the cutting of the Piaggio X9 125, but if you need any parts in particular do not hesitate to contact us and we will confirm its availability, condition and price.


Cuadro de relojes Piaggio X9 125cc 2004

Frontal y faro de la Piaggio X9 125cc del año 2004

Lateral derecho de la moto Piaggio X9 125cc del año 2004

Lateral izquierdo de una moto Piaggio X9 125 del año 2004

Parte trasera de la Piaggio X9 125cc del año 2004