Motorcycle Scrapping Process

We have a BMW R 1200 R of the year 2007 in gray with 131.805km of use. The bike has damage to the front and some damage to the rear area.

In a first external analysis we observed that the front bars, the joint fork and the mudguard have become unusable due to collision, possibly the front rim is also somewhat deformed, but not the brake caliper which has a good condition externally.

The rest of the motorcycle has no serious damage due to the collision, you can see in the attached photographs, the side and rear covers are in good condition as well as the seat and even the tank that we do not see dents or scratches. The exhaust that mount the motorcycle, original, do not present damages either.

Regarding the electrical system, the clock frame and the headlights and indicators work correctly.

The engine seems to be in good condition.

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Right part BMW R1200R to scrapping

The right side of the BMW motorcycle is shown in good condition.

Left part BMW R1200R 2007 to scrapping

The left side of the R1200R is very well preserved, without scrapes in the exhaust.

Front part BMW R1200R to scrapping

Front affected, with collision, involves the front bars and surely the front rim.

Sppedometer part BMW R1200R to scrapping

The electrical system, start and control panel works.