HONDA DYLAN 150 2003 used spares

Motorcycle awaiting scrapping

We have acquired the Honda Dylan 150cc scooter in 2003, had 64,318 km of use, the motorcycle is metallic blue, our mechanics have found the ignition, electronic check and speedometer and the entire electrical system of the bike works perfectly.

Regarding the engine starts perfectly, when we proceed to the cutting will be checked and verified 100% in our workshop to offer security and guarantee our pieces.

Aesthetically the motorcycle covers are in good condition, both the front, side and rear shield back covers.

This bike has had no accident or incident so we have spare parts and fork, wheels and brakes in good condition to be re-used.

With regard to small parts such as mirrors, the headlight, turn signals and tail light are in perfect working properly and also the crystals have a good condition.

Coming proceed to the cutting of this Honda Dylan, if you need any parts or check availability of any parts in question you can contact us without any compromise will offer information.


Left side of Honda Dylan 150 2003 for scrapping.

Right side of Honda Dylan 150 2003 for scrapping.


Box watches and speedometer a Honda Dylan 150 2003 for scrapping

Digital indicator of a Honda Dylan 150 2003 for scrapping.