Suzuki SV 650 S 2003 used spares

Moto scrapping FINISHED


This week has entered our facilities a Suzuki SV 650 S 2003 red, this motorcycle had 55,511 km of use as seen in the image below its box clocks, thus also check the ignition, tachometer indicator and electronic check works perfectly.

Marcador digital de una Suzuki SV 650S 2003

Not from any casualty or accident that overall is pretty good, the only fault we found is a small hole in the crankcase although this operation is not compromised.

The esthetics of this Suzuki is practically in very good condition (although the images appears dirty), both around the fairing, dome, wings and other tapas show no buckling or rubbing.

Frontal de una Suzuki SV 650S del 2003

We can also appreciate the good condition they are in the headlights and their corresponding indicators, including their mirrors. We discard the tires no longer offer us confidence but the tires if they are useful for reuse.

Lateral izquierdo de una Suzuki SV 650S 2003

This side view shows that the tank has no dent and that both the rider's seat as pollock or damage have no cuts, relative to the chassis not shown any scratches.

Parte trasera de una Suzuki SV 650S 2003

Regarding the exhaust pipe at the rear of the bike are also in good condition.
Remember that we have not yet made the cutting of this bike but you can send us any comment on that or request a replacement filling out our form.