Motorcycle Scrapping available now!!!

We have a Yamaha FZ6 of the year 2007-2008 in black without front fairing, with 70.752km of use The bike has damage to the sides, front and back due to a fall but in regard to the internal mechanics, system Electric and electronic and other components are in good condition.

In a first external inspection in addition to the above, we can see that the Akrapovic exhaust that is mounted with the silent in poor condition along with one of its carbon clamps (the other seems to be in good condition), the braking system together with the brake calipers and the disks seem in good condition as well as the internal wiring, relays, contacts, switchboard ... Externally we also check that the radiator apparently does not suffer any damage, it is necessary to determine the confition of the fork bars.

We will check the status of the switches and the lights.

The engine seems to be in good condition.

used spare parts availables 

Right part Yamaha FZ6 to scrapping

Left part Yamaha FZ6 2007 to scrapping